Dining At The Ravens

Dining at The Ravens by BenBella Books
Dining at The Ravens by BenBella Books


Let’s go to Mendocino for the weekend!

What’s that you say? You live in New Jersey and a trip to California isn’t in your budget?

No worries.

Dining at The Ravens by Jeff and Joan Stafford will give you a taste of this vegan restaurant located at their eco-resort Stanford Inn by the Sea on the beautiful Pacific coast. Paging through this gorgeous cookbook is like taking a virtual culinary vacation. Imagine yourself getting up in the morning to their famous scones warm from the oven and filled with fresh berries.

Spend the day deep into a juicy novel or getting your blood flowing with a yoga class or canoeing on the river before dinner. You’ve worked up an appetite and have looked forward to this moment all day. Maybe you’ll start with the Cauliflower Ceviche followed by their Sea Palm Strudel wrapped in an airy phyllo dough and accented with a homemade ume plum sauce made with raspberries.

Don’t forget dessert! Does Vanilla Crème Brûlée made with Frangelico liqueur sounds good or perhaps Carrot Cake with creamy icing?

Is your mouth watering yet?

All these delectable dishes from The Ravens’ menu are found in their cookbook. Gorgeous pictures accompany easy to follow recipes complete with ideas for presenting your dishes in a way that will have your guests talking for a long time. Six delicious dessert choices are featured on their restaurant menu but you’re treated to eleven dessert recipes in Dining at The Ravens!

Do yourself a favor, grab a copy of Dining at The Ravens and make one of the delicious recipes found inside or if you can’t wait to sample one of their creations, check out this recipe for Potato Leek Soup with Drunken Leeks. Comment below and one lucky winner will receive a copy of Dining at The Ravens courtesy of BenBella Books. U.S. only please.

Just think. A taste of Mendocino in your very own kitchen.

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