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The Plant Pure Nation Cookbook – Day 5 – Pesto Pizza


It was a dark and stormy afternoon. Okay, I may be paraphrasing Snoopy but it’s my only excuse as to why I didn’t make it to Wegmans to get the ingredients for our usual Big @$$ Salad Monday meal. The sky was black and there was talk of tornadoes. I couldn’t see myself dodging raindrops through the parking lot so I decided to flip through The Plant Pure Nation Cookbook instead to see if there was anything I had all the ingredients to make.

Pesto Pizza!

My basil plant was in need of a trim, my tomatoes were getting soft, I had olives left over from earlier in the week and Dr. D. makes the best pizza dough between here and Sicily.

And so it was decided!

Pesto Pizza to the rescue!


It was the best decision I could have made. Everyone loved this pizza with its thick pesto base, sweet tomatoes and roasted onions. We had to make a few adjustments since we didn’t use the Artisan Pizza Crust recipe in the book but it turned out to be one magnificent dinner. I served it with a side salad made with two kinds of lettuce picked from our garden right before dinner.

I think even Snoopy would approve.