Ethical Choices Program

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I made a decision in January that I would start to focus more on animal welfare and the environment in my vegan outreach. As much as I enjoy the social aspect, cooking and of course, the FOOD, my heart is with the animals.

They say if you send your intention out to the Universe, the Universe will respond. This proved to be true in January when I learned about Ethical Choices Program (ECP). Continue reading Ethical Choices Program

Laid To Rest

On my first day of training at Coming Home Animal Sanctuary, I was shown the animal cemetery. This is the place where all the animals near and dear to the sanctuary founder have been laid to rest. They are given a proper burial and a stone to mark their time on earth.

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Coming Home Animal Sanctuary

Rudy is such a handsome boy!
Rudy is such a handsome boy!

On my ride home from a week long vacation in Virginia I read Jasmin Singer’s memoir Always Too Much and Never Enough, a book I highly recommend. Toward the middle of the book, I found myself reading about an experience Jasmin had at a sanctuary I’d never heard of before. The most surprising thing was that it is a mere 30 miles from my home!

How could I have not heard of Coming Home Animal Sanctuary? I make a pilgrimage to Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York a couple times a year but am always disappointed I can’t go more often due to the 90-minute drive. To have a sanctuary so close to home made me very happy. I immediately checked out their web and Facebook pages.

But then something fantastic and wonderful happened less than two months later; I received an email from Coming Home’s founder. She had found this blog and I was humbled by the high praise she gave it in her email. She  asked me if I knew anyone who might be interested in a part-time caretaker position.

Heck yeah, I thought! Me!  Continue reading Coming Home Animal Sanctuary