Happy 2016!

It’s been my tradition to write a blog post every year on this day sharing my new year’s resolutions and giving an update on how well I did (or didn’t do) the previous year. With that said, here are my 2015 resolutions and results.

1.  Use reusable shopping bags instead of the store bags – I did pretty good here and I really believe it’s just a matter of creating a habit. I appreciate all the stores with signs that read, “Did you remember your reusable bag?”. 

2.  Spend 30 minutes a day on my Spanish lessons – I did very well on this one right  up until we got back from Ecuador in February. We were enrolled in a week-long Spanish class while we were there but both of us got ill and had to drop out. This resolution will make a reappearance on this year’s list.

3.  Spend at least 20 minutes a day meditating. – I’d like to say I spend 20 minutes a day but it’s hit and miss. I love to meditate but finding quiet time to do it can be a challenge. I managed to do 20 minutes a day for three straight weeks so I know it can be done if I make it a priority.

4. Read two books a month. – Ha! I blew this one out of the park! I originally committed to 24 books this year and ended up reading 50! I found that if I set aside a couple of hours every night to read it’s very easy to read a book a week.

And now for my 2016 Resolutions:

This year’s resolutions are less tangible but no less important. Some may look similar to the ones above and some are brand new.

1.  Spend 30 minutes a day on Spanish lessons – This one is very important this year as we will be taking Spanish lessons five days a week for four hours a day while we’re in Costa Rica for the month of February. Dr. D. and I have a goal of being fluent in Spanish and this is a good way to do it.

2.  Read 52 books – One book a week for 2016. Somewhat of a reach but definitely achievable.

…and now the new ones.


3. Stop complaining! This going to be tough as I’m sure none of us are aware of how much we complain. There’s a great blog post here with some tips I know I’ll be studying to cut my complaining. I have so very much for which to be grateful and being grateful is far more constructive than complaining. Which leads me to my next resolution…



4. Express gratitude every day. I plan on sharing 5 things for which I am grateful every day here in this Facebook group. Time and time again it has been proven that the expression of gratitude can be life changing. Join me in this challenge!

That’s it for this year! I’d love to hear about your resolutions and how you plan on keeping them. Hit me up in the comments section! Happy New Year!