Day 8 Raw

Day 8 didn’t get off to a good start. For one thing, breakfast was horrible. I used a recipe that called for raw steel-cut oats to be soaked overnight with some raisins. In the morning, you blend it with an apple. 

It tasted like and had the consistency of paste. Continue reading Day 8 Raw

Day 7 Raw

It’s been one week since I started the raw cleanse. Although the original program didn’t work out for me (this week includes a one-day water fast), I’m glad I’m still keeping with my commitment.

I had a bowl of fresh fruit for breakfast yesterday. I had gotten up later than usual so it held me over until lunchtime.

For lunch I made a wrap with lettuce, tomato and cucumbers using a smashed avocado as the base. This really gave it a beautiful rich flavor and I think I’ll do that from now on. I also did something new; I added broccoli sprouts to the wrap. I had some fun this week watching these go from seed to sprout. Broccoli sprouts are very high in sulforaphane which is the compound in cruciferous vegetables that has cancer-fighting properties. This compound is destroyed by cooking  and the sprouts contain the highest amount. They will be added to our Big @$$ Monday Salad tomorrow night.

My baby broccoli sprouts!
My baby broccoli sprouts!

I am the organizer for Binghamton Vegan Drinks and we had our August event tonight. I expected to go off the cleanse but intended to do the least amount of harm. I ordered a fantastic Southwestern Tempeh Salad that was full of lettuce, avocado, beans, corn and grilled tempeh with a wonderful lime cilantro vinaigrette.

Dr. D. keeps reminding me about balance and I’m listening. I really want to finish my three weeks of raw eating but it will not be a permanent way of life for me. I think a good balanced compromise may be that I eat raw whenever possible. That’s certainly easy to do with breakfast and lunch but eating out and having dinners with the family are more of a challenge. It will be interesting to see what I decide at the end of the 21 days.

Day 6 Raw (and the Bethlehem VegFest)

The day started out good and raw (well, almost raw). I made a delicious smoothie with a recipe from the PlantPure Nation Cookbook for breakfast. This Pineapple-Coconut Smoothie has frozen pineapple, coconut milk, bananas, and almond milk. The coconut milk is the only thing that isn’t raw. It was very satisfying and yummy!

I notice I’m finding it hard to eat raw breakfasts unless I think ahead and put a chia pudding or muesli in the fridge the night before. I tire of smoothies every day.

This is where the day got interesting and fun. I arranged to meet my friends Carmella and Carlo Giardina at the VegFest in Bethlehem, PA. Carmella and Carlo are not only fellow vegan lifestyle coaches but also make up The Food Duo. They’re super cool, fun, smart and great friends! Continue reading Day 6 Raw (and the Bethlehem VegFest)

Day 5 Raw

Today started out like yesterday with a Chia Seed Pudding. I’m not craving coffee at all which is a surprise. I usually fumble for my daily cup first thing in the morning but that was a habit I didn’t find hard to break.

It did make me consider how many of our social interactions involve coffee, food or alcohol. You never say to someone, “We should get together soon for a couple of waters!” I considered meeting a friend for coffee and then realized I couldn’t drink it. Three weeks is a short time to give something up but who knows, I may never go back to it.

I popped into Aldi’s to pick up some essentials; their organic agave nectar is the cheapest around and I like their avocados because you don’t have to wait a week for them to ripen. I was so happy to find a large container of organic arugula for only $2.49! I have been paying much more than that at Wegmans thinking it was the only place I could get it this time of year. I’ll be shopping at Aldi’s more often.

Lunch was a salad so huge my husband laughed at me as I dug into it. It was made with arugula and Boston Curly lettuce, strawberries, blueberries and slivered almonds topped with a homemade pomegranate vinaigrette; it made for a very filling meal!

I fell hard off the raw food wagon for dinner as my husband wanted to eat out at Cortese. I really watched what I ate more than usual, though and thought I’d done well. We were home for about a half hour before I felt really ill with stomach cramps. I went to bed at 8:30 feeling like I’d eaten every bit of processed crap in the state of New York and washed it down with a bottle of cheap wine. I made good choices at dinner but my body wasn’t used to cooked food and let me know it!

I made last-minute plans to go to the Bethlehem VegFest with friends on Saturday and I don’t expect to keep to my raw meals then either. There will be too delicious food vendors for me to try and I won’t pass up that opportunity. I’ll jump right back on the raw wagon as soon as I get home.

Day Three Raw

I finished off the Emmy’s Super Cereal this morning so tomorrow morning I will have to find something new. It shouldn’t be hard. I enjoy muesli or chia pudding for breakfast.

I visited the Vestal Farmers’ Market this morning. I picked up two kinds of lettuce, white Pennsylvania peaches, green peppers, a small head of broccoli ($1.00!) and a small watermelon. I also got beets for Dr. D. who will love me forever now.

11922984_10205582473853436_60912739236032852_o Continue reading Day Three Raw

Day Two Raw

Today started the way the last two started. A small but filling bowl of Emmy’s Super Cereal with fresh blueberries and homemade almond milk.

© Allison Usavage
© Allison Usavage

A super salad was on the menu for lunch today but I decided to move it to dinner. Dinner was kale wraps filled with salsa which did not excite me at all. Kale is so tough unless you break it down with dressing and massaging. I had been in the mood for my favorite maca smoothie anyway so that’s what I made for lunch. All the smoothie ingredients are allowed during the cleanse and I needed a pick-me-up from the maca since caffeine is out of the picture.

One of my concerns with this way of eating for the next three weeks is eating out. Dr. D. and I enjoy eating out and I hate to restrict myself to only salads. Whenever I feel like that I remember that it’s only for three weeks and I re-commit to the plan. If I have to go to a business dinner or lunch, I can eat ahead of time and help myself to all the salad I want. I bring along a small Tupperware container with about an ounce and a half of homemade salad dressing and I’m good to go.

Vestal has a Farmer’s Market on Saturday and Wednesday mornings so I’ll be headed there today to stock up on fresh produce.

21 Days Raw

Sounds like a movie title, doesn’t it? An action movie, right?

Well, sorry to disappoint you but 21 Days Raw is the program I’ve decided to embark upon for the next, well, 21 days! I signed up for Jinjee Talifero’s 21 Day Raw Cleanse because I feel I’ve been lacking energy lately and cannot seem to lose the weight I packed on over the past several years due to medication. It’s summertime, the fruit and vegetables are fresh and abundant and I won’t be craving a hot meal until at least October. The perfect time to start!  Continue reading 21 Days Raw