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Many of you know I credit Victoria Moran’s book Main Street Vegan with helping me with my decision to ditch animal products.  After reading that book, I knew going vegan was going to be way easier than I expected and now I recommend it to everyone I know.

Victoria has done it again with her new book The Good Karma Diet which will be released tomorrow, May 19th.  I was one of the lucky ones who got an advance copy of this wonderful book in order to share my thoughts on it with all of you.

One of the things I loved about this book is that it’s broken into manageable chapters.  For those who are not hardcore readers, this makes it easy to read and digest (pun intended) the content.   The book is interspersed with fun and informative Good Karma Tips (GKT) which offer a short bit of advice on the corresponding topic of each chapter.  And let’s not forget the really helpful part for new vegans: the recipes.  I was happy to see the last 50 pages are dedicated to a variety of recipes to get newbies started or to add to the repertoire of seasoned vegans.  

In an effort to clear up the confusion about the myriad forms of veganism out there, Victoria leads the reader through the different kinds of plant-based diets helping them to choose the one that’s fits best.  Want the most nutrient dense option?  Try raw foods.  Interested in knowing more about an ancient way of eating based on your body type?  Ayurveda practices may be the way to go.  The mystery is taken out of  other diets such as nutritarian, macrobiotic and The Starch Solution among others.

Being vegan is not just about your health but also the lives of animals and the wellness of our planet and in The Good Karma Diet, Victoria shares information about the impact of eating animal products in a chapter called Animal Stories.  While long-time vegans are probably aware of much of this information, it’s a good primer for those newly embarking on their vegan journeys.  Beauty and fashion choices are also topics many new vegans may not have considered but Victoria easily guides them by giving valuable information to make the most compassionate choices.

In closing, I’ll share this handy acronym that Victoria uses to sum up the way to get the most benefit from The Good Karma Diet:

V – Validate Your Choice – be prepared to explain why being vegan is the right choice for you, the animals and our planet

E – Embody a Healthy Lifestyle – if you look good, people will want to know your secret!  Get enough sleep, exercise and the right nutrients to be an good example of radiant health.

G – Get to Know Other Good Karma Diners – it’s important to grow your social circle to include others who support and participate in your way of life.  

A – Add More to Your Life Than You Subtract – adding more to your life may mean exploring new foods (ever try jackfruit?) or even just trying out activities that mesh with your new lifestyle.  Victoria uses gardening as a good example of an activity you may not have tried.

N – Never Forget the Animals – such an important factor and one that has kept me from temptation many times.  Every forkful has the potential to affect the life of an animal.

Listen to Victoria tell you about her wonderful book here in a special video on her website and check out the links to get your own copy.  You’ll be glad you did!


Main Street Vegan Blog


I have the honor of occasionally guest blogging on Victoria Moran’s Main Street Vegan blog.  Many of you know my  husband and I became Certified Vegan Lifestyle Coaches and Educators last November through her amazing Main Street Vegan Academy.

In my most recent post, I shared Five Books to Nourish the Ethical Vegan’s Soul.  These are books I highly recommend for anyone but especially for those who are fighting the good fight for animal rights.

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