Interview with vegan super-athlete Ramona Cadogan

I am an athlete and I like to compete but mostly I like to compete against myself.  I don’t think about somebody else.  I just focus on what I have to do and do the best I can.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Ramona Cadogan.  Ramona has a resume that would put most of us to shame.  She is a vegan coach and chef, an educator with a degree in Biology and a masters in Education, a personal trainer, a Hula Hooper and last but not least, an Olympic weightlifter.  She is also the New York ambassador of Team Green.

I found Ramona to be gracious and warm during the time we chatted and loved her laugh!  I was most impressed by the way she puts a strong emphasis on the connection between veganism and her spiritual health.  She’s a true inspiration!

Here’s my interview and make sure to check her out at the links at the end:

C:  Ramona, thank you for agreeing to chat today!

R:  Thank you for connecting with me!

C:  Of course!  Let me start by telling you what I learned about you from another interview.  You said you went vegan for the animals.  Was there any one event that made this happen or is it just our current system of factory farming?

R:  Just how animals are treated, that’s it.  That’s the main reason why.

C:  I see after six years of being vegan you went into raw foods?

R:  I have been raw vegan from 2006 up until now but I do both raw vegan and cooked vegan food.

C:  As a vegan chef, do you have a signature dish?

R:  I like all different dishes but raw lasagna, I like that the best.  I use all types of vegan dishes.

C:  Tell me about your experience training for the Olympics?

R:  I am training now for Nationals and we’ll see where that takes me.  I enjoy training for the sport and am having fun.  I am an athlete and I like to compete but mostly I like to compete against myself.  I don’t think about somebody else.  I just focus on what I have to do and do the best I can.

C:  Do you think your vegan diet gives you an edge over other athletes?

R:  I’m doing it for the animals.  Other athletes do it for other reasons.  I don’t judge people.

C:  Do you have any days that you don’t feel like training or need some motivation?

R:  I usually train 4-6 days a week sometimes giving myself a couple days off.  I have my own motivation.  I enjoy the sport for what it is and have a weight coach as well.

C:  I read something about you online that said you felt that you had to become vegan for your health as well as spiritual reasons. Can you explain more about the spiritual reasons?

R:  Once you eat an animal you take their feelings, their experiences into you.  When I used to eat meat, I would feel I was taking in their emotions.  It dampens your own spirituality.  It’s the same thing as being around someone who has negative energy.  It’s hard as a positive person if you’re always around someone who is negative.  You get drained from that.  It’s the same with the animals.

C:  Do you have any role models or anyone who has inspired you professionally or personally?

R:  Definitely.  I enjoy the weightlifting very, very much and Crossfit.  My first coach really inspired me and that was it.

C:  I recently became certified as a vegan lifestyle coach through Victoria Moran’s Main St. Vegan Academy and I understand you are a vegan coach too.  Tell me about what you do as a vegan coach.

R: I help people transition who eat meat and want to become vegan or vegetarian or vegetarians to (become) vegan.  I help people if they’re in transition in their lives and face them where they’re at.  I help them gradually become what they want to be.  I’m patient with them and I become their positive role model.  I don’t judge them.

C:  Tell me what else you’d like my readers to know about you.

R:  I also have a tutoring business for academics or homeschooling.  I work with families who have kids who want a holistic approach to their style of learning whether it’s Montessori or Waldorf; I can help them engage and help them with that aspect.  I have a degree in Biology and a Masters in Education from Adelphi University.

Basically I tutor in math and science, Common Core, ACTs, SATs, Spanish all the exams are online or in person.  I enjoy the academic business as well as the physical fitness business.  I am also working on an e-book coming out on weightlifting and veganism in 2015.

C:  If someone were to try to reach you, what’s the best way?

R:  If someone is looking for a vegan personal trainer whether they’re an athlete or a stay-at-home mom, I can help them reach their goals for 2015 and beyond.

They can reach me at 917-608-0018 or on Facebook, Instagram as rawveganlifter, on Twitter as rawveganathlete or email at  My services are online or also in person.



Welcome 2015!


As has been my tradition for the past couple of years, I like to look back at the previous year’s resolutions and see how I did and then make some new ones.  Let’s take a look at my resolutions for 2014:

1. Get my real estate license – DONE!  Thanks to some awesome instructors and the support of my fellow students, I passed the NYS real estate exam.  Whether I use it or not remains to be seen but it’s rewarding to know I accomplished a goal.

2.  Read more, surf less – I took a look at the books I read this year and ended the year with a really good finish.  I read 14 books overall but I think 10 of them were in the past six months.  I can definitely do better but it’s not too bad considering I was working full-time during the first 6 months of 2014.

3.  Make it happen – 2014 resolution: We always say we’ll get together for dinner with people but it rarely happens.  I resolved to make it happen.  At least once a month either in a restaurant or at home.

Total fail on this one.  I’m adding it to my 2015 resolutions.

4.  Cook more, eat out less – I think we did better at this but mostly because there are now two of us sharing the cooking duties.


New resolutions for 2015

1.  Use reusable shopping bags instead of the store bags – I always kick myself for not remembering to bring a bag into the store with me especially when I have about 15 reusable bags sitting forgotten in my car.  This year I will do it.  We have way too many plastic bags at our house and they are so bad for the environment!  Check out what California is doing here!

2.  Spend 30 minutes a day on my Spanish lessons – Dr. D. and I are going to Ecuador in February and there may be a trip to Nicaragua in my near future so I want to make sure I can communicate while we’re there.  I’ve been spotty in my studying but I’m going to make time to do it everyday.

3.  Spend at least 20 minutes a day meditating. – I just finished Dan Harris’ book 10% Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge and Found Self-Help That Actually Works.  Long title, great read! He makes a strong case for spending time every day grounding yourself.

4. Read two books a month.  Quite a commitment to make but I know I won’t regret it.  I love Goodreads for finding new books and reading reviews.  They even have a challenge you can set for yourself to keep track of how many books you’ve read in a year.

5.  Adding this one again – We always say we’ll get together for dinner with people but it rarely happens.  I resolve again to make it happen.  At least once a month either in a restaurant or at home.

Have you set any goals or resolutions for this bright, shiny new year?  Share them in the comments section!

Happy new year to all!